CineVue Review: Dunkirk

★★★★★   June 1940. Almost half a million British soldiers prepare for evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk. While Privates Alex (Harry Styles), Tommy (Fionn Whitehead), and Gibson (Aneurin Barnard) await rescue, RAF pilot Farrier (Tom Hardy) and pleasure-boat skipper... Continue Reading →

Thresholds Feature: ‘A Light Fringe of Snow’: Melancholy Reflection in The Dead

The final piece in James Joyce’s Dublibners, ‘The Dead’, has been described as one of the finest short stories ever written. Set in 1904 Dublin, the story follows Gabriel Conroy as he attends a Christmas party with his wife, Gretta. Juxtaposing... Continue Reading →

Little White Lies Feature: Planet of the Apes: Lessons in the Apocalypse

The success of the rebooted Planet of the Apes series is proof that there’s still an audience for simian sci-fi, and the long-running series has always had the market cornered in apocalyptic cinema. Charlton Heston cursing humanity at the end... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: Lola

★★★★☆ The third in his thematic Bundesrepublik Deutschland trilogy, prolific director Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Lola is a sumptuous, cynical historical satire, steeped in a fugue of post-war capitalist excess, moral hypocrisy and broken idealism. Directing over 40 films in less than twenty... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: A Brighter Summer Day

★★★★☆   Unreleased in the West since its 1991 release, Edward Yang's historical epic A Brighter Summer Day is finally available through the Criterion Collection. For cinephiles and connoiseurs of East Asian cinema alike, this gorgeous, stately and moving landmark in Taiwainese... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

Following three poorly received installments and two franchise reboots headed by Sony Pictures, there's a lot riding on Spider-Man's (Tom Holland) prodigal return to the Marvel stable, a near miracle in itself of cross-studio collaboration. Indeed, though the words, "with... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: Long Shot

★★★★☆ Maurice Hatton's 1978 film Long Shot is independent cinema at its most charming. As aspiring film producer Charlie (Charles Gormley) hawks his screenplay in Edinburgh, the film's meandering, shaggy-dog plot does little to harm its overall warmth, wit and... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: Stockholm, My Love

★★★★☆   Documentarian Mark Cousins makes the move to fiction with Stockholm, My Love, also marking singer Neneh Cherry's feature debut in a melancholy turn peppered with naturalistic renditions of her own music. The result is by turns a chilly,... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: The Fisher King

★★★★☆ Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges) is at the top of his game. A shock-jock radio host specialising as a kind of anti-Frasier Crane, he encourages listeners to call in with their problems before humiliating them with insults and the music... Continue Reading →

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