Forever Sound Version: Streets of Rage

One of my favourite podcasts, Forever Sound Version is an unadulterated treat for fans of VGM. I was thrilled that the show's host, Mikey, invited me for the second time to share my thoughts on Yuzo Koshiro's work on Sega's... Continue Reading →


Thresholds Feature: “Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai”: Spec Ops The Line’s Heart of Darkness

Critical of contemporary colonialism yet irretreivably rooted in its racist traditions, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is as important as it is problematic. As a critique of colonialist hypocrisy, the novella is also a profoundly racist text rooted in the contemporary ideology... Continue Reading →

Forever Sound Version Podcast: Sonic the Hedgehog

I was thrilled to be invited recently as a guest on the terrific video game music podcast, Forever Sound Version, hosted by the endlessly talented Michael Phillip Bridgewater. I was even more thrilled that this episode's subject was to be... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Sky is Better Than You Think

No Man's Sky was one of the most controversial releases last year, drawing unprecedented levels of anger from gamers disappointed that they didn't get the experience they were expecting. However, I argued back in September that "for those who are willing to meet No Man’s Sky on its own imperfect terms there is much to admire. No Man’s Sky challenges our long-held assumptions of what games can and should be, and of our place within their worlds. It advocates a future for games as artistic endeavours as well as consumer products". To read the rest of the article, click the link below.

Dear Esther Review

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition was one of last year's most beguiling and intelligent releases.

Forged in Development Hell: 6 Reasons why Doom is a Great Reboot – and Duke Nukem Forever isn’t

The original Doom is one of the most influential games of all time, ranking alongside such icons as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Super Mario Bros. as emblems of the medium. After eight years in development hell, it’s nothing short of... Continue Reading →

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