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Two Weeks ’til Toronto!

Much excitement is heading our way, with September seeing the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) run from 7 - 17 September. In just over two week I'll be heading out on the 6th to cover the festival for CineVue. TIFF... Continue Reading →

Atomic Blonde Review

★★★★☆   The opening credits to David Leitch's Atomic Blonde boldly announce that this is not the story of the Berlin Wall's fall - its symbolic destruction instead serving as an apt backdrop for superspy Lorraine Broughton's (Charlize Theron) misadventures through a... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: The Saga of Anatahan

★★★★★ In 1944, a Japanese ship is sunk and its twelve crew seek refuge on the nearby Pacific island of Anatahan. Loosely based on real events, Josef von Sternberg's 1953 tale of shipwrecked Japanese soldiers is one of desperation, base... Continue Reading →

Little White Lies Article: Is there such thing as an event movie any more?

In an age of increasingly familiar extended universes, individual films simply don’t have the same cultural impact as they did 20 years ago. Twenty years ago few would have predicted that superhero franchises would become the dominant force in mainstream cinema,... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: The Gift

★★★★☆   Directed by and starring Joel Edgerton, The Gift's set-up is simple but effective: Simon (Jason Bateman) and wife Robyn (Rebecca Hall) bump into old school friend Gordon (Edgerton), exchange numbers and are soon sharing dinner and stilted conversation. Before long,... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: 47 Meters Down

★★★☆☆ Lisa (Mandy Moore) has just been dumped by her boyfriend for being too boring. To prove him wrong, Lisa goes on holiday to Mexico with her sister, Kate (Claire Holt). Kate convinces Lisa she needs an adventure, in the... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: Stalker

★★★★★ Arguably Andrei Tarkovsky's finest masterpiece, the Russian director's 1979 film Stalker is the culmination of a career-long preoccupation with memory, trauma and the relationship between subjective perception and physical reality. Following a mysterious disaster that rendered a small town... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: Westfront 1918 & Kameradschaft (Two films by G.W. Pabst)

★★★★★ While only Westfront 1918 is set during the First World War, it and Kameradschaft are about the madness, futility and trauma of that conflict. Set in the final months of the war, 1930's Westfront 1918 is Georg Wilhelm Pabst's... Continue Reading →

CineVue Review: War for the Planet of the Apes

★★★★☆ Back in 2011, no one thought that Rise of the Planet of the Apes would be much cop. But not only did this plucky prequel prove to be terrific fun, it spawned one of the best trilogies in recent years: its... Continue Reading →

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