Originally conceived as a TV series à la Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive is David Lynch at his most Lynchian: baffling, disturbing and cinematic. Set in a surrealist Hollywood, the plot follows Betty (Naomi Watts) as she arrives in LA to embark on a career as an actress.

No simple rags-to-riches tale of ingenues and showbiz dreams, however, Mulholland Drive layers Betty’s story with noirish intrigue when she meets Rita (Laura Harring), on the run after a car accident leaves her with memory loss. In between auditions the pair embark on a quest to discover Rita’s true identity. This being Lynch, of course, nothing is straightforward or even conventionally logical. Cue an early scene set in the recurring Winkie’s Diner that is arguably the most legitimately terrifying nightmare sequence in cinema and a second act twist that continues to have cineastes scratching their heads in intrigued bafflement.

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