THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED IN MARCH 2017. Nevertheless, proceed with caution and a healthy tablespoon of salt.

Spoiler Warning: This article might, just might, reveal the identity of Rey’s parents in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Read on with caution.

Recent speculation around who the eponymous Last Jedi may be everywhere at the minute, but it hasn’t quite overshadowed the mystery of who Rey’s parents are. Some of the wilder fan speculation include her being a clone of Darth Vader or the grandchild of Obi Wan Kenobi. For my money, the most likely theory has been that Rey is Luke’s daughter. It’s the least convoluted plot-wise and seems the logical next step in the Skywalker mythos. Even Luke’s rejigged line from Return of The Jedi in the trailer below hints at a Skywalker heritage:

There is another theory, however, that Rey was trained as a Jedi before being hidden away on Jakku when Kylo Ren turned to the dark side. This one has some appeal but just doesn’t sit right, not least because Rey has no memory of her training and neither Han, Leia or Kylo Ren seem to recognise her as one of Luke’s former padawans.

But there is one other possibility that explains the dual mystery of Rey’s parents and Episode VIII’s title.

Rey is the daughter of Luke’s former students who, either dead or in hiding, are the Last Jedi.

SW flashback

It’s a clean, satisfying explanation of her origins, pulling the rug out from our expectations while retaining the elements of Luke’s heritage that were so compelling in the original Star Wars.

JJ Abrams’ has asserted that we haven’t seen her parents yet, and Daisy Ridley told Time Out last year that ‘a lot’ was already answered in The Force Awakens. Could she be referring to Rey’s flashback vision where she sees Kylo Ren killing a padawan jedi?

Admittedly, speculation hardly amounts to evidence, and the smart money is probably still on Luke as Rey’s father. But Rey’s parents being the murdered or missing former pupils of Luke’s Jedi Academy chimes with the themes and narrative of the original trilogy, tying Luke and Rey’s stories together in a far more interesting way than a simple retread of Luke and Anakin’s parent / child dynamic. Knowing that Rey is the daughter of Luke’s Jedi-in-training adds emotional weight to their deaths. Alternatively, their survival in exile could work as The Last Jedi‘s MacGuffin, with Luke training Rey before she leaves on a quest to find her parents. 

So I’m calling it. The students of Luke Skywalker, Last Jedi in the galaxy, are Rey’s parents.